James Miller is a highly motivated and experienced architectural designer. Miller holds a B. of Architecture from the University of Notre Dame and has four years of design experience working in a professional setting on projects pertaining to micro-entrepreneurship, post-disaster recovery, public-housing, and culturally based design. He has worked on projects in Ghana, Guatemala, Haiti, and in the United States. Miller uses a triple-bottom line approach to his research and innovative design projects. Currently finishing a master’s thesis at the University of Oregon on the role of vernacular architecture in post-disaster reconstruction in Haiti, Miller has received several academic awards, including the Anthony Wong Scholarship for Research in Sustainable Design. Most recently, he presented his findings at the International Disaster and Risk Conference in Davos, Switzerland. Looking to the future, Miller intends to continue climate change research on the role of the informal sector in disaster mitigation as it pertains to slow-on-set disasters, drawing from the cultural and social capital of disadvantaged communities.


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